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Top 4 Reasons to Purchase Handmade Soap

August 14, 2018


Today I want to talk about the benefits of handmade soap. Sure you can get soap at the store, but what are you really buying… chemicals, glycerin removed, synthetic detergent.


Reason 1) Handmade Soap Still Includes Glycerin.


First, glycerin is a natural skin emollient (softener). For this reason, glycerin in soap and lotion helps keep moisture in your skin. When soap is made, the fats and oil become soap and the glycerin stays glycerin. In most store-bought soap, all of the glycerin has been removed to be used in lotion and other products, so you have to buy their soap and moisturizer. In handmade soap, we leave it their… bam… clean without drying out your skin!


Reason 2) Handmade Soap is Made of Real Ingredients


Handmade soap is made with real ingredients: oils, fats, butters which have amazing properties. Coconut oil cleans, olive oil contains moisture, and argon oil locks the moisture in. These in contrast to the ingredients in store bought soaps. For example, Doves soap’s first ingredient is Sodium lauroyl isethionate which is a detergent. It also contains cocamidopropyl which is a foam booster and tetrasodium etidronate which is used to prevent color change.


Many people get nervous when they see lye or sodium hydroxide as an ingredient in handmade soaps. Yes, this is a caustic and very dangerous ingredient… when used as lye. When it combines with oils, it saponifies, it actually changes its chemistry and soaps out as soap. I put lye and oil in the bowl and what comes out is not lye and oil, it’s soap. Also, if a soap is a true soap, it has lye in it. There are just different ways of labeling it. For example, Dove soap also contains Sodium cocoate which is the saponified coconut oil and lye. It’s just another way to say the same thing.


Reason 3) Handmade Soap can be Customized


I actually handmake each batch of soap in small batches. Do you want Patchouli Scented Soap? Send me a message I can customize it. Do you want a small sized soap colored blue and watermelon scented? Yep, I can do that too. Do you want your soap to be free of any fragrance? This girl can do that. Do you want your soap to have a special label for your baby shower? Easy peasy. Do you want your soap to be free of palm oil? I do that anyway. Do you want soap that matches your guest bath décor? Just send me the colors and I’ll get it started! You get the point. I actually make the soap. You can buy one of my popular premade bars or a soap set OR you can customize!


Reason 4) My Handmade Soap does not harm any animal.


All of my ingredients are plant based. I purchase ingredients from companies who do not test on animals. (I research this prior to any purchase.) I do not use any palm oil, ever. (Palm oil is one of the world’s leading causes of rainforest destruction.) I also use compostable plastic. So, when you use my soap, you know that you are being gentle to the Earth.


Yes, it’s easier to buy soap at the store, but it’s so much more beneficial to buy handmade. I even have subscription boxes available now to take the hassle out of remembering to buy some! Check it out here!


What is your favorite thing about handmade soap?

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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